Six arrests made after fight in 2001 Club

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Eutaw’s city council may have shut the doors on The Brass Key for good last week, but judging by a recent incident at the 2001 Club, violence at nightclubs will continue to be a problem for local officials.

The Greene County Sheriff’s department made six arrests in the aftermath of a fight that broke out in the 2001 Club on February 19th. Tijuana Richardson, 32, of Forkland; Vicki Austin, 35, of Eutaw; Kelvinin Bullock, 22, of Forkland; Sherika Neal, 21, of Forkland; Tammy Neal, 34, of Eutaw; and Lakenya Neal, 25, of Oxford were all arrested and charged with third-degree Assault for their roles in the incident.

All of the arrest warrants were served on the 23rd of February, with the exception of Lakenya Neal’s, which was served on the 26th. All six suspects posted a $1000 bond and were subsequently released from Greene County Jail.

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According to Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac, all six suspects were in attendance at a “private party” being held at the 2001 Club, which is located six miles south of Eutaw off County Rd 150. Isaac said the suspects “confronted and accosted” the victim, a 32-year-old Forkland woman also present at the party.

According to the complaints filed with the Sheriff’s Department, words concerning a suspect’s boyfriend were exchanged between the victim and some of the suspects. The disagreement escalated into the victim being pelted with peanuts, before the suspects began “throwing stuff,” according to Isaac, and physically assaulting the victim.

The melee was broken up, Isaac said, by club employees. By the time Greene County law enforcement had arrived, the six suspects had fled the 2001 Club premises.

The victim was taken to the hospital where she was treated for minor injuries including “scratches, cuts, and bruises,” according to Isaac.

Although the number of arrests from a single altercation is unusual, the incident is only the latest in a string of violent crimes associated with Greene County nightclubs. The Brass Key’s difficulties in keeping order led to the Eutaw City Council refusing to renew its business license, closing the club after 30 years of operation, and the Dr. Rock nightclub in Union was the site of a fatal shooting only two months ago, on New Year’s Day.