Little damage reported after evening storm

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Monday night’s severe weather conditions had mixed results in Black Belt Counties, but none of them resulted in any reported severe damage or injuries.

Monday afternoon the entire Black Belt region was hammered with blinding rain, thunder and lightening leaving many fearing the worst. However, most counties were only forced to endure slower traffic and a little darkness through the course of the storm.

Russell Weeden, Hale County EMA director, said there were several trees taken down during the storm. However, Weeden said the only damage the trees did was frustrate drivers by blocking certain roads. Weeden said aside from the down trees, power outages were the only other hardship.

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“We had probably 10 trees down across the road overall,” Weeden said. “We also had some power outages in Greensboro and around the Friendship communities. There were also some power outages and some lines down around the Mt. Herman area.”

Weeden said Hale County was able to avoid severe damage to homes and by Tuesday morning things were functioning as normal.

“There was no structural damage,” Weeden said. “Most everything is back in order now.”

Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac said aside from wet weather his county felt very few effects from the storms.

“We really didn’t have that many calls,” Isaac said. “I think we had one call where there was tree down in the road. It was pretty quiet around here.”

The line of the storm seemed to push through the Black Belt as if it were targeting those counties specifically before veering north. However, no severe damage had been reported Tuesday morning.

Monday’s weather is expected to be replaced with predominantly sunny conditions for the rest of the week with clear skies all weekend.