Eutaw residents to get fire hydrant service

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 10, 2005

The people of Lower Gainesville Road will soon sleep easier knowing if there is a fire in the area a water supply will not be far away. The area has long been without ample fire hydrants leaving the potential for fire departments to run out of water while fighting fires.

Tuesday, the Eutaw City Council voted to place fire hydrants in the area s soon as possible.

Mayor Raymond Steele told the council this was an issue he had taken a close look at and the people of the area were in great need of a water source in case of fire.

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Steele said he had heard input from residents of the road and since the City of Eutaw kept up the lines it was their duty to place the hydrants.

“The city of Eutaw woks to maintain the lines that go from the city to Boligee,” Steele said. “Some of the residents of the Lower Gainesville Road and the fire department wanted the hydrants placed in the built up area.”

Steele said it would take multiple hydrants to make Lower Gainesville Road completely safe. He said the city will also have to fund the hydrants, but it was a small price to pay to keep the residents safe.

“We had talked about three or four fire hydrants and it would cost us about $7,000 more or less,” Steele said.” But I think for the purpose of fighting fires that we do need to consider that.”

Right now, the water supply is far less than what is needed. Steele said the entire road is currently relying on a single hydrant.

“There is only one,” Steele said. “They recently put one down at Posey Grocery Store where they have their temporary fire department there. That is the only one that is down on Lower Gainesville Road all the way down to the cotton gin.”

Councilmember Joe C. Sanders agreed the area was in desperate need of the new hydrants.

“They need this,” Sanders said. “They really need it bad down there.”

In closing the meeting the council recognized the highs and lows the city has experienced in the last week. Only days ago Greene County High School was celebrating their first basketball championship in over 20 years. However, the accomplishment was met with bad news early Sunday morning when Alicia Spencer, 20, DeCarlos Powell, 16 and Calvin Cross, 22, all of Eutaw were killed in a car accident. The council expressed their pride in the team, but also sent their thoughts out to the families of the deceased.

Councilmember Darlene Robinson said her thoughts and prayers went out to the families and her congratulations went out to the Greene County basketball team.

“Our condolences go out to the families,” Robinson said. “We are so proud of the basketball team, but at the same time we are sad for the families of these young people.”

Steele said he would also like to recognize the team and send his thoughts out to the families.

“I would like to echo council member Robinson,” Steele said. “I am extremely proud of the Greene County Tigers. This team has really, really done a so well with their attitude and the way they have conducted themselves. They have just been great.”

Steele said he had heard nothing but good things about the team and their poise throughout the season.

“We have heard a lot of positive comments about Greene County High School everywhere I went, and I did trail them to most of our games,” Steele said. “I could go on and on about how proud we are of them. I just cannot say enough.”

Steele said while he was full of pride he also felt deep sympathy for the families of the young people who died in the accident.

“It is also a sad occasion that we had to lose so many of our young people,” Steele said. “We need to send out our prayers and out condolences to each and every loved one of them.”

The council will next meet on Tuesday March 22 at 6 p.m.