Accident victim expected to recover

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 14, 2005

Those arriving on the scene of yesterday’s automobile accident at the intersection of West Jackson and South Stewart Streets expected the worst. The scene was littered with twisted steel, the odor of leaking fuels and surrounded by police and firemen.

Fortunately, both drivers are expected to recover fully from their injuries.

The accident occurred around 6 p.m. when, according to Demopolis Police Chief Jeff Manuel, one of the vehicles failed to adhere to a stop sign causing a Ford Explorer and Ford Escort to collide and spin into a local residents yard.

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“It was a situation where one of them ran a stop sign and there was a collision,” Manuel said. “Both were taken to hospitals.”

The accident gathered a large crowd for several reasons. The two vehicles presented a gristly scene. Many onlookers initial impression of the accident did not paint a pretty picture.

This was mostly due to the fact that one of the drivers, Nicodemus Williams, left the scene in an ambulance. Williams, who is a student at Demopolis High School, was reported to be recovering well from bumps and bruises at a Birmingham hospital.

The other driver, Rob Pearson was treated and released Thursday evening.

The Demopolis Police Department, Marengo County Sheriff’s Department, Demopolis Fire Department and Tombigbee EMS all responded to the scene.

The accident was not the first of its kind at the intersection. Some have complained that the stop sign is difficult to see and has the potential to lead to future accidents