Parade held to honor Greene County championship

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 28, 2005

Greene County High School had a long wait for another state title game, but when they finally made it back they made it count.

Friday the city, county fans and numerous well wishers made their way to the square in Eutaw to support the team one more time as they cruised through downtown Eutaw for a parade in their honor.

The atmosphere was nothing short of what this team deserved. People crowded the streets for the entire route just to let the young men know how much they appreciated their hard work.

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Jesse Scott, who was one of the team’s biggest leaders this season, said the recognition was a high point for everyone involved.

“It felt good. It felt real good,” Davis said. “It felt good to have the parade today too. It felt real good.”

As dedicated as the players were to achieving their goals of a championship, their fan base rivaled them. One fan in particular, Carl Davis, who is known as the “Number One Fan” said the season has been a fun ride.

“The season was great,” Davis said. “They guys played tremendous throughout the season.”

Davis said the players had been great and the fans had also shown a lot of dedication too.

“We can’t leave out the fans,” Davis said. “Without the fans the team would have had trouble.”

Davis said at times, things got tricky, but the players and fan base never lost their confidence.

“We had our ups and down during the season, but we bounced back,” Davis said. “That is what a team does.”

The parade was for more than just the team and players. It was a celebration of an entire city and county who are working hard to become winners in all aspects.

State Sen. Bobby Singleton attended the parade and said he hoped it would serve as an inspiration to everyone.

“I am real proud of Greene County,” Singleton said. “I think that this championship that this team brought to Greene County has to work into Greene County as a county becoming a champion.”

Singleton said there were many areas Greene County could rise to the top.

“That is a champion for economic development and a champion for healthcare,” Singleton said. “I am challenging and hoping that the elected officials will see this as a catalyst of hope and they will work as hard as the players did to bring a true championship to Greene County that will address the needs of the people of this particular county.”

Singleton said he wants to be part of the Greene County team on their climb to the top.

“As a state Senator I am partnering with them,” Singleton said. “As a part of that I am ready and willing to work with them to make this a viable community.”