SAT brings out song and dance to inspire

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 5, 2005

It’s pretty much a consensus – kids don’t like tests. Heck, no one likes tests, but they are a fact of life. With the all-too-important Stanford Achievement Tests (SATs) starting this morning, the teachers and staff at U.S. Jones took an extra step to get their students fired up about testing with an SAT Pep Rally.

All three grades filed into the gym at U.S. Jones, where they first heard some Test Taking Tactics from principal Tony Speegle. Following that, a couple of teachers kicked off the fun with a special rendition of “Getting Ready.”

Howls of laughter and cheers of delight shook the walls as the teachers then took the floor for a special dance designed to fire the students up for the SATs. Before the students could catch their breath, it was time to do some dancing of their own as the teachers pulled their tiny companions onto the floor for a little SAT jitterbugging.

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Finally it was time to test the students spirit with a cheering contest, the winner of which would be awarded the spirit stick and an afternoon recess. It was each grade for themselves as a team of classmates led cheers to prepare them for the test taking to begin the next day.

Though fifth grade was definitely the loudest, third and fourth gave them such strong competition that Speegle and the “judges” decided to award all three grades spirit sticks and an afternoon recess.

“We had a lot of fun,” Guidance Counselor Carolyn Moore, who led the pep rally, said. “I think (the students) had fun too.”

Students will be testing today, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and will again test next week as the Alabama Math and Reading Test is administered Tuesday and Wednesday.

Grades three through nine will be taking the SATs and parents are urged to have students there on time, well-rested and prepared for the tests.