York Council hears from hospice

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Asera Care, which was formerly known as Comfort Care Hospice, has been serving the Black Belt for years. The company, which is based out of Demopolis, made a presentation to the York City Council Monday night to highlight some of the services that were available for people in the region.

Representative Debra Moore said the service could not eliminate illnesses and the need for care. She said their primary role was to be there and make tough situations easier for families and patients.

“We don’t promise a cure,” said Moore. “We come in and provide physical, psychological social and spiritual care needs. We have a team of registered nurses and we take care of their medical needs. We have certified nurses assistants as well.”

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The primary role of Asera care is to provide a helpful friend. Moore said they were founded on the idea of providing a friendly face that could also step in and provide relief.

“We try to provide someone that is going to be understanding,” Moore said. “We want to send someone that is going to come in and have great people come in and help out.”

Moore said the workers help more than just the patients. She said they also allow the caretakers a chance to take care of their personal needs.

“We also have a volunteer coordinator who comes in for an hour a day or something like that to give the caregiver a chance to go out and take care of things,” More said. “If you are there seven days a week 24 hours a day there are things you have to get out and take care of. We don’t provide a sitter service. We do provide some help to come and so you can go to the grocery store or do whatever you have to.”

Because of their growing need Moore said they were always looking for people to step in.

“We are always looking for volunteers,” Moore said. “Anyone that wants to be a volunteer is more than welcome to come in or call and talk to us about that.”

Moore said most of their care comes in the home. However, even if a person under the plan is hospitalized they will still come to visit them while they are admitted provided they have a contract with the hospital. Moore said they could also come into nursing homes and care for patients.

Moore said there is also a program of continuous care. She said this service is provided around the clock.

“Our nurses are on call 24 hours a day seven days a week,” Moore said. “If you call them at 2 a.m. and you need them to come out they will come out and stay until that crisis is over. However many hours it takes for that patient to get back on the right track, that is what they will do.”

They also have a service that step into a longer-term caretaker role if the primary caretaker ever needs to go out of town or vacation. Moore said everyone needs a break from time to time and Asera would be there if they ever had to go out of town for any reason.

The service also prides itself on giving to help to anyone who needed them. Moore said no one would be excluded from their services.

“Everyone that is eligible for our services will receive services,” Moore said. “The good thing about it is you will never receive a bill from us. We will never send you a bill.”

Moore said if anyone feels they may know someone who is eligible for their program to give them a call at 334-289-1585 or toll free at 1-800-528-9253 and they would have a nurse come out for an evaluation.