City of Eutaw planning clean-up day and website

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 14, 2005

Greene County Engineer J.D. Smith put on another hat at Tuesday’s Eutaw City Council meeting to announce plans for a citywide cleanup effort and new website.

Smith said a group of concerned citizens had gotten together and decided something needed to be done about the litter in the city. The end result was a planned cleanup day a week from Saturday.

“We have had two meetings so far with a group including council members and members of the historical society and decided what we are going to do is have a cleanup on April 23,” Smith said. “It is sort of the end of the time period for PALS (People Against a Littered State) and also that Friday is Earth day so we felt like that Saturday would be a good day for citizens to come out and do their civic duty to try to help get the litter off the streets.”

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All the materials needed for the event would be made available. Smith said all they really need from the public is participation and a designated location for the trash.

“We will have safety vests and as many garbage bags as we can fill up and plastic gloves,” Smith said. “The one thing that we are going to ask is that we be able to place the litter bags at a certain location to have them picked up Monday.”

Participation will be voluntary and Smith said they are not asking the city to provide workers.

“I know how tight the schedule is so we are not asking the city to have any employees to work on an overtime basis on Saturday,” Smith said. “We just wanted to ask to see if you could maybe pick up the bags that Monday.”

Major highways will be targeted during the cleanup. Smith said they will try to focus on Highway 14, 43, and 11.

“We are going to try to get the thoroughfares this time and maybe kick this off s a type of quarterly event,” Smith said. “We would like to get those in tip top shape and we hope to get public support to go with this.”

Smith later brought more exciting news was brought before the council with the announcement of a web page for the county. Smith said the page will focus on some of the positive things in the county and hoped to get information on local council members as well.

“The county is doing a countywide web page to try to promote the county including all the municipalities and all the government offices,” Smith said. “We would like to get a photo of the council members and a small biography to put on there as well. Anything that you want to promote inside the city you can just get to us.”

Councilmember Darlene Robinson said she felt the site would be a great opportunity to get Greene County and Eutaw’s names out there.

“I think it is a good idea to promote Eutaw and Greene County,” Robinson said. “It will give us a chance to get some information out there and put some positive things in there.”

A launch date for the site has not been set.