Grant City water worries over for now

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 20, 2005

YORK-Problems with pipes plaguing Grant City were recently put to rest for the city of York. The pipes had not been in working order for some time leaving water all over the place in the area and causing several issues.

The city was finally able to step in and correct the problem, however, the project proved to be costly. York Mayor Carolyn Mitchell Gosa said the project cost $51,016.40, which was more than expected. Gosa added that the level of need for the project made it worth the price because the longer they waited to complete the project the worse things would have become.

Gosa said the trouble began when the pipes were first put down.

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“Several years ago they laid the pipe in the dirt,” Gosa said. “They had to go in and brace the pipes and put them back in.”

Gosa said the city has been looking into ways to fund the project in order to keep it from hurting their budget.

“We have been applying for funds from FEMA. We are trying to get whatever funding we can,” Gosa said. “We will be meeting with different agencies in hopes of securing money for that.”

If they are unable to secure funds the price of the project will come out of the city’s pocket, However, in an emergency situation such as this they city had no choice but to get the project done.

Gosa said dirt on top of the pipe had caused it to give which created an enormous problem for the people of Grant City.

“When the problems came about the pipe and all that had caved in,” Gosa said. “There was no way that we could see how bad the problem was so it was a really large problem.”

Gosa said she had originally expected the project to cost around $35,000 but upon looking at the project she realized that it would cost far more. She said because of the extensive damage she was not surprised at the price and would find the money for the project.

“I was not shocked by this price,” Gosa said. “I am just pleased that we have it complete and they are not faced with that problem anymore. We will find the funds.”

Gosa said the city had funding that was set aside for matching funds that could be used and reimbursed.