Camp house robberies reported in Tishabee

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 3, 2005

For the last few month’s burglars have made their rounds in the Tishabee community. Last week was one of their most devastating tours through the camp houses as they were able to steal thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

On April 25 the first in a series of burglaries at a Tishabee camp house resulted in a stolen DVD player, worth $100, a Remington .22 rifle, valued at $150, and assorted fishing equipment valued at $1,350. Damage to the camp house estimated at $350 was also reported.

Two days later the thieves struck again, only this time they left empty handed. The burglars broke into two different camp houses in the Tishabee community where they stole nothing, but left damage in their wake.

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On April 28 more fishing equipment was apparently on the burglars wish list as they broke into two more camp houses in the same area and stole several rods, reels and more electrical and outdoor equipment.

At their first stop $600 worth of fishing equipment was taken along with a nail gun, valued at $350.

Just down the road a DVD player, valued at $40, a crossbow, valued at $250 and $500 worth of rods and reels were stolen. Also reported was the theft of $70 worth of knives and damage to five locks, valued at $125. Twenty 12-ounce cans of Mountain Dew, valued at $5, were also stolen.

There are no suspects in the case, but Isaac said he believes they are connected.

“It seems as though some of them are somehow related,” Isaac said. “For the last two or three weeks we have had burglaries in this area.”

Isaac said the department plans to make themselves more visible in the area in an effort to deter the burglars. He also said any information from the community would be appreciated.

“We are going to beef up patrol in these areas,” Isaac said. “We are also asking the citizens if they see suspicious activity in those areas to let us know.”