Hale County mourns loss of James “Buster” Brown

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 9, 2005

For residents of Hale County the week has progressed on a somber tone. Since the loss of longtime commissioner and friend James “Buster” Brown to a sudden heart attack last Friday many have taken the time to reflect on the good Brown was able to bring.

The county employed Brown for over 30 years before retiring and joining the commission. Hale County Probate Judge and Commission Chairman Leyland Avery said Brown was a man who always stood up for his people.

“He worked for the county for many years and then when he retired he joined the commission,” Avery said. “He was with the county for over 30 years and always looked out for the good of everyone in the county, not just the people in his district.”

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Brown began his run on the commission in 1986 when was elected to the District Four seat.

Avery said Brown was always up with the sun to make sure the people of Hale County got the representation they deserved.

“He always showed up to work before 6 a.m. when he was a commissioner,” Avery said. “He always took care of people. If there was something they needed they knew they could go to him.”

In many ways, Brown was a commissioner for the entire county and not just district four. Avery said many times people of other districts would go to

Brown if they had been unsuccessful through other avenues.

“If there as something in their district that they couldn’t get done they knew they could go to him and he would get it done,” Avery said. “They all knew He would listen to their problems and try to help.”

Avery said Brown was one of a kind. He was always on top of county finances and did his homework to make sure the taxpayer’s money was spent wisely.

“He was there for everyone,” Avery said. “He always made sure the county spent their money wisely and really looked out for everyone.”