Morrow retiring after almost a half century of service

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 12, 2005

Greene County Schools have seen many changes in the last 42 years. The names have changed, the faces have changed and the level of academics taught in the classroom has changed.

However, for many years there has been one constant. Greene County High School principal James E. Morrow has always been around.

Morrow has spent 12 of his 42 years in education at his current post atop the Eutaw school. But at the end of May that will all change. On the last day of school Morrow will take some time to enjoy life from a different perspective.

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That is not to say he hasn’t enjoyed the last 42 years. Morrow said he has been blessed to enter such a fine profession.

“It has been rewarding,” Morrow said. “I have enjoyed every minute of it. If I had not enjoyed it I would not have stayed around for so long.”

Part of the fun has been the constant challenges. Morrow said he never knew what to expect, but that was what made his job so much fun.

“My time here has been rewarding, but it has also been one of life’s greater challenges,” Morrow said. “No two days have been alike. It has been a grand challenge to try to anticipate what was going to be next. Every day has had a new challenge.”

Naturally, the students have been the most important part of Morrow’s career. He said his days would feel empty at first when he doesn’t greet them at the door each morning. However, he said that would issue a new challenge.

“I will miss them indeed,” Morrow said. “My challenge will be trying to overcome not meeting the children everyday. Seeing them in the halls and talking to them everyday was something I always looked forward to.”

Retirement does not mean Morrow will be completely out of the loop. He said he plans to stay on top of local events in the school because he has always been very concerned with what is happening in his hometown.

“Even though I am retiring I will still be around because I am a home,” Morrow said. I don’t think I could have stayed in education this long if I had not been home because, after all, home is where the heart is.”

In 42 years many strong bonds are formed with coworkers. Morrow said he has seen a lot of people come and go through the system and he will miss them dearly.”

“I will miss the students and seeing them come and go, but I will also miss my staff,” Morrow said. “I will also miss the people I have worked for. In my time here I have worked for nine superintendents and you build strong relationships in all these years.”

Morrow has been involved in education during five different decades. After so much time in the same profession many others would have become bored. But education is Morrow’s passion and he said you never sour on your true passion.

“I have a strong love for education,” Morrow said. “I don’t feel there is another job more noble and more rewarding than education.”