Summer care needs exist for older children

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Summer is almost here and I am absolutely dreading it.

Never before have I worried about what to do with my son when summer vacation – which does not apply to most of us working parents – began.

The daycares in my hometown always kept children up to age 12 after school and during the summer. They planned events and activities that included going to the local water park, movies, bowling or just fun things to do at the daycare center.

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When I moved here, however, things were very different.

I have daycare for my youngest son, who is 2. And up until the 24th, I will have extended day for Taylor. Once summer begins though, finding good care for Taylor is more difficult.

I have already signed him up for the summer enrichment program through the school, but it is only for the first half of the morning. Then what? Do I pay them for the first half of the morning and pay someone else for the second half?

Do I bring him to the office with me and risk his boredom causing problems with my work?

With so many students who are in school but not quite old enough to take care of themselves, my question is this: What are those parents doing to make sure their children are taken care of during the summer months?

Being new to town, I realize I’m still not quite familiar with all the inner workings of Demopolis. I don’t know all the good babysitters and caregivers, nor am I familiar with all the programs offered for school-aged children.

Is there something I don’t know about? Is there some secret summer program that will help me provide my son with constructive activities to do while also providing him with the supervision that a child who is 10 needs?

The countdown has begun, and I am open to suggestions if any readers have any thoughts. And just a note to the daycares out there – if it is feasible (I don’t know anything about insurance, liability, teachers, etc.) – I would highly recommend considering some kind of summer care for older children. It’s just a thought.