Arch Street vote Friday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Arch Street River Walk arguments are expected to go down to the last second before Friday’s noon meeting of the Demopolis City Council, which will include the final vote. At that time the project will go to the next step or die completely.

Several people who live in the vicinity of Arch Street feel it would be great for the city to do something positive with the land. Since the area is public property most feel development would be best for everyone.

Dr. Judy Travis, who lives near the area where the project would be constructed, said she felt the area could definitely be used for the good of the city if it were done correctly.

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“This is a wonderful area,” Travis said. “It is so beautiful and it needs to be where it can be appreciated by the public.”

Travis said she is in support of developing the area for the public to enjoy, but hoped they would take a close look at the project with engineers before getting started.

“I don’t think we have planned adequately enough,” Travis said. “I think we need to do something with the area and I think it would be great, but we need to do some more planning.”

The project is expected to have a tremendous impact on the city if it passes, but will have to be taken slowly as even those in favor of the project have voiced many concerns.

One area that many are opposed to are the possible courtesy docks. Many feel because of the yacht basin there is no need for courtesy docks. Another concern that has received little consideration is the dangers that would surround the docks. For some time a concrete fragment has been under the water near the proposed dock site, which would pose an enormous danger to boats. All these concerns stand with the environmental issues that have been discussed.

On the other hand, the possibilities for the local’s economy are also very encouraging. Many feel the river walk will draw more people into the downtown area aiding in the effort to revitalize old Demopolis.

Travis said she thought it was great for the committee to have put together an effective plan and had faith the local officials would do what was best for the city.

“I think it was wonderful of them to go on their own initiative and get the grant,” Travis said. “We need to do something with that area and I have absolute faith in our city government that they will make the right decision.”