Washington benefits from League meeting

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 27, 2005

GREENSBORO-All over the Black Belt similar cities and towns face similar problems. For that reason a new way for city leaders to network has been steadily gaining interest. Each Tuesday, leaders from around the area are invited to attend meetings of the League of Municipalities in Demopolis at Alabama Southern Community College to discuss anything from funding to general problem solving.

This week, Greensboro leaders made the short drive to participate and gain helpful information. Greensboro Mayor J.B. Washington said everyone benefited greatly from the meeting.

“I have to say attending these meetings were very educational for us,” Washington said. “We went to the workshop and it was really informative.”

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Washington said the best part of the meeting was networking. He said through this, they were able to avoid problems other cities may have fallen into, while at the same time, helping them avoid issues they could face.

“Just dealing with people that are in the same situation we are in was really helpful,” Washington said. “We talked about some of the problems they had and some of the problems we had. We talked about ways not to get caught up in some of the things they had been caught up in.”

In that same regard, Washington said the meetings also helped them plan future endeavors. Washington felt by coming together they were able to discuss what was best for the area, not just their particular municipality.

“We also talked about planning for the future,” Washington said. “We talked about some of the things we have come across and it was very educational and informative.”

Washington added the city was well represented and he made sure Greensboro would be in everyone’s memory for the next meeting.

“We did everything we were supposed to do,” Washington said. “We made Greensboro proud. People know about Greensboro now. We made sure of that.”