Students head off for future

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 31, 2005

DEMOPOLIS-Some laughed, some cried, but all celebrated their accomplishment at Friday’s graduation of the Demopolis High School class of 2005.

Kelley Kathleen McGahey, the class’s valedictorian, has several words of encouragement for her fellow students.

“Graduations are often referred to as doors closing on the past,” McGahey said. “As we look to the future and close our door behind us we store out past in a closet. Some of us will look into that closet often to reminisce about our youth. Others will look back occasionally remembering only the good parts. Some of us will slam that door shut, push with all out weight against it, throw several dead bolt locks on it and run as if there were a rabid animal in there never looking back.”

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McGahey asked her classmates to use the past as a stepping-stone toward a successful future.

“The past is not something we can throw into a closet and forgotten about so we can start anew,” McGahey said. “The future will always be built from the past. Decisions we make in the future will be based on our memories. We will be influenced by the advice and actions of our parents, teachers, relatives, friends and enemies all a multitude of voices chiming in with their influence. Take the good parts of the past and make them part of your present, your future and other people futures as well. One day you will be that little voice in someone’s head influencing their decisions.”

She added that oneself could only measure success.

“If you feel like you are succeeding then you are,” McGahey said. “Only you know what you are capable of. Other people can only guess.”

Success was something the class of 2005 was quite familiar with. Several Tiger graduates were awarded scholarships and awards throughout the year. Friday night, a few more were added to the list.

Seth Bassinger and Daphne Reid received the “I Dare You Award.” Brittany McGee received the Balfour Award and Devin Goodwin and Reid were also given awards.

Sixteen received the distinction of Honor Graduates, while 14 were members of the National Honor Society. Another 19 graduated as members of the Beta Club.