Local Rotarians receive highest honor at ceremony

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 2, 2005

DEMOPOLIS-For four Demopolis Rotary Club members Wednesday was a very special day. At a ceremony at Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital Amy Webb, John Northcutt, Mike Grayson and Allen Bishop were all inducted as Paul Harris Fellows

Rotary Director John Cox Webb said to achieve this status was a tremendous accomplishment.

“This is a great day for the Demopolis rotary Club,” Webb said. “We get to award four outstanding citizens as Paul Harris Fellows. Paul Harris was one of four people to help found Rotary in 1905 and after his death the Paul Harris Fellow Award was created in his honor. It is considered Rotary’s highest honor.”

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Bishop was the first to receive his award. He said looking around the room and seeing so many people he admired and cared for made the honor all the more special.

“I thank the Rotary Club and everyone for this honor,” Bishop said. “It is a great honor. I see a lot of people here that I have worked with over the years and a lot of people I grew up admiring in my younger years. I would just like to thank you all.”

Grayson also said the strong tradition of the Demopolis Rotary Club made the presentation special.

“I do consider this an honor,” Grayson said. “Growing up in Demopolis I always felt that when you became a member of Rotary you had made it. As I think about those who have come through the Rotary Club I think about the high standards they had. I thank every one of you for all you do in your church, your community and with your family. It is my pleasure just to be a part of all this.”

Northcutt said being named a Paul Harris Fellow was a great honor, especially because he could enjoy the day with his family.

“It is a big honor to be here,” Northcutt said. “It is a proud moment for me and my family.”

Webb said she also was honored to receive this distinction and would carry the pride it instilled in her wherever she went.

“It is a pleasure to come back,” Webb said. “I plan to carry on this service wherever I go.”