Skin and Bones Circus entertains local children

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 3, 2005

DEMOPOLIS-As promised, the Demopolis City Library’s Summer Reading program gave participants a fun treat Thursday when the Skin and Bones Comedy Circus made their way to the Demopolis Public Library parking lot.

The circus entertained the children with magic, juggling and animal acts. Bob Bones, who makes up one half of the act, said the pair had been working together for many years.

“This is our 25 year performing together,” Bones said. “We are Mariah Skinner and Bob Bones and that is where we came up with the name Skin and Bones.”

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Skin and Bones is known around the country and in other nations. Bones said they had traveled far and wide to perform their act.

“We travel all over the United States and we have worked all over Canada and Japan,” Bones said. “This is what we do for a living.”

The Circus act was part of an ongoing theme for the Summer Reading Program throughout the state. Bones said their act would travel all over the state of Alabama to perform at many other libraries until the program ended.

“This year the Summer Reading Program theme for the libraries of Alabama is Circus,” Bones said. “We are presently on a tour of doing libraries like the lovely one here in Demopolis.”

Librarian Lindsey Gardner said the circus was the official start to the Summer Reading program for the Demopolis library. She said the program has gotten a very positive response so far.

“This was to kick off our Summer Reading program,” Gardner said. “We have had over 200 people sign up and probably about 100 of them were here.”

The hot weather could not thin the numbers. Gardner said the entertainment kept the children’s mind on the act and off the heat.

“I think it went really well,” Gardner said. “It was hot, but the kids had the clowns to distract them from the heat so I think it went really well.”

Some in attendance even made their way to the program from out of town.

Skin and Bones have maintained a packed schedule to begin the summer and show no signs of slowing down. From here the duo will head back to the North side of the state.

“Next we go to Gadsden,” Bones said. “We were just in Homewood last night, we will go to Gadsden next and on from there.”