York holds First Weekend activities

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 8, 2005

YORK-Since beginning their exhibitions on the first weekend of the month the city of York has seen their crowds grow steadily. This was evident Saturday as several met up downtown to enjoy tours of The Cotton Patch Studio, Six Impossible Things, and the Bel Canto Studio.

Gary James, who led the tour, said the June tour attracted a larger group than they had been accustomed to. This group also crossed the state line to get a glimpse of downtown York.

“It was one of the bigger groups we have had,” James said. “We had a group from Meridian. They are with the Meridian Arts Council and they were a really good group.”

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The group enjoyed a full morning of art. James said they made stops at all the popular spots in the downtown area.

“First we took the to the bike shop and then to Mary Jane’s.” James said. “We also took them to Charlie Munoz’s metal workshop and then they went to the gallery where they were able to see our York Art Here! display.”

YORK ART HERE, a project led by artists Shana Berger and Nathan Purath, has gotten a great deal of attention. The project was a feature the artwork of 5th and 6th graders from Kinterbish School, Sumter Academy and York West End. Three billboards around York displaying the students work was also are part of this exhibit.

Tourists also got a chance to enjoy the work of David Wyrick, which could be seen at York City Hall and York West End. The “In Flight” exhibit out at Mallard Field was also a favorite. Wyrick’s Streetscape Sidewalk Mosaics, located next to York Presbyterian Church and York City Hall were also eye catching to tourists.

James said overall the group seemed very pleased with what they saw.

“I think they were really impressed with what we have going on here,” James said. “They were a really nice group.”

The city will continue their tours and displays next month on July 6. Studios generally open for the first Saturday at 10 a.m. For more information on First Saturday festivities please contact The Coleman Center for the Arts at 205-392-2005.