Police Sergeant honored by WAKA

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 10, 2005

DEMOPOLIS–Police Sergeant Tommy Johnson has had a lot of different experiences during his time with the Demopolis Police Department. But he probably never expected that one of them would be working with a television news crew on a feature story about his career.

But that’s exactly what happened for Johnson this week, when he was given the WAKA “Protect and Serve” Award. The award is given to area law enforcement officials who have been nominated and are shown to have done “an outstanding job” during a prolonged and successful career.

Since Johnson was not aware that he had been nominated, the recognition came as a complete surprise.

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“I was shocked,” he said. “I’d seen it on TV, and thought it would be a good award to get…It really was a surprise.”

The next thing Johnson knew, he had landed a spot on the WAKA 10 o’clock news. The WAKA team profiled Johnson and his contributions to the Demopolis PD during his decade-and-a-half on the force.

“They come down to take some film and do a story on you,” he says. “I’ll tell you what I told them: in 16 and a half years, I’ve seen a lot and done a lot. Murders, shootings, drugs…I’ve just about seen it all.”

Despite Johnson’s having been caught off-guard, the honor’s hardly surprising when considering that Johnson ‘s dedication to “Protect and Serve” goes back far beyond his hiring by the Demopolis PD.

“This is what I’ve always wanted to do, since I was a child. I’ve wanted to make a difference in people’s lives,” he says, “and I’m glad I can do that, sometimes even just by sitting down and talking.”