Akron gets grant for sewer project

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 13, 2005

Demopolis Times Contributed Report

AKRON-Alabama Gov. Bob Riley announced Thursday the Town of Akron would be awarded a $200,000 grant to enable the town’s sewage treatment plant to comply with state and federal environmental regulations and prevent potential fines from being levied against the town.

The grant was given by the Appalachian Regional Commission and will be used to repair and expand a waste treatment lagoon. The treatment facility met all state and federal permit requirements when it was built about 10 years ago, however, newer and more rigid regulations have placed the facility at risk of non-compliance. Failure to meet regulations can result in fines being levied and a moratorium being placed on plant expansions.

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The treatment facility serves about 240 households, two schools and some businesses in the town.

Riley said the grant would be a great start toward getting the town’s sewer project going and ensuring the safety of the citizen’s.

“This project will climinate a potential health hazard and ensure citizens are provided with a safe and essential public service,” Riley said. “I am pleased to announce this grant.”

Officials at the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs notified Mayor Stanley Hollie that the grant had been approved.

The Appalachian Regional Commission was created by Congress in 1965 as a supplemental grant program to raise the standard of living, improve the quality of life and promote economic development in the Appalachian Mountain region. Thirty-seven Alabama counties are part of the region and eligible for funding.