Eutaw police make arrest

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 14, 2005

EUTAW-A fast response by Eutaw police officers Friday quickly put an end to what could have been a dangerous situation. Authorities received a call Friday at the Eutaw One Stop that a young man had pulled a pistol and threatened a clerk.

Upon further investigation authorities took Stanley Bridgeman, 26, of Branch Heights into custody where he remains in jail.

Eutaw Police Chief Reginald Spencer said Bridgeman had been charged and incarcerated for the weekend crime.

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“He was arrested for carrying a pistol without a permit,” Spencer said. “That was stemming from an incident where the clerk at the Eutaw One Stop called and said the subject was there and put a gun to his chest.”

Spencer said officers responded to the scene and were able to use the clerk’s description to pull the vehicle over, recover the weapon and make an arrest.

“Officers responded and stopped the vehicle that fit the description and the gentleman was a passenger in the vehicle,” Spencer said. “An automatic weapon, a semi automatic .380, was found under the seat.”

In another case authorities are still looking for answers. On June 6 Jaquanta Spencer. of Branch Heights, was at a local playground where she was harassed and assaulted.

Spencer said the incident began with name-calling and escalated.

“She was at a playground over there and a young girl was calling her names,” Spencer said. “The girl went home and came back with some of her people and slapped her in the face and they got into a fight.”

Spencer said the fight grew larger as Spencer’s friends attempted to help her. He said they anticipate bringing the case to a close very soon.

“We have warrants,” Spencer said. “Warrants were signed and it is just a matter of making contact and getting things settled.”

Spencer said there would likely be two warrants and two petitions for juveniles.