Fun with chemistry at Demopolis Public Library

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Book smarts were put into action at the Demopolis Public Library Tuesday as a representative from the McWane Center in Birmingham hosted a Chemistry in action program as part of the Funtastic Summer Reading Program.

From icy cold liquid nitrogen to sizzling hot carbon and powder to a cold-blooded reptile, participants got a first-hand look at how chemicals react with their natural environment and to each other.

Need ice quick? Pour a little liquid nitrogen in your ice tray. The freezing liquid may not be safe to touch, but as the volunteer pictured above found out, it’s ok to eat. Four volunteers found out that eating a cracker that has been dipped in liquid nitrogen will cause some smoky side effects, but no harm.

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The library’s program will continue today at 10 a.m. with story time and more for the preschoolers, which includes a “wild take on The Little Red Hen.”

For more information, call 289-1595.