Goodwin begins search for new assistant

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Last week, when Gordo High School told DHS assistant football coach Todd Cassity it wantd him as their next head football coach, it meant that DHS head coach and athletic director Doug Goodwin has some juggling to do on his staff. But it’s juggling he’s glad–and expects–to do.

“Luckily we’ve had some good assistant coaches, and you know that when they do good and the team does good, some of those are going to be leaving to be head coaches somewhere else,” Goodwin says. “We look for someone who has that ambition to become a head coach…Coach Cassity has been wanting a head coaching job and interviewed several places. This is what he’s been wanting and we’re happy for him.”

With long-time assistant Danny Wasson retiring after the 2004 season, Cassity’s hire means Goodwin has two holes to patch on his championship-winning staff. One slot will be filled by promoting coach Davis from the Demopolis junior varsity, but the other will be an outside hire. Goodwin says there will be no shortage of qualified candidates available for the position.

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“Every year we have guys looking for an opening,” he says. “We’ve had 7 or 8 calls since Tuesday…I don’t have any doubt we’ll find someone who’s more than capable.”

While Goodwin will be looking closely at the candidates’ coaching qualifications on the gridiron, it won’t be the only factor taking into account when making his recommendation to the City School Board. For starters, Cassity coached Boys’ Junior Varsity basketball as well and Goodwin is looking for a candidate who could do the same. There are academic as well as athletic considerations as well.

“They’ll be plugged into a teaching slot,” he says, “so we’re also looking for someone who’ll do a good job in the classroom.”

What teaching slots the new coach might occupy–in this case, science or history–is a decision made by the principal. But Goodwin says that since DHS principal Ronald Roberts’ recent resignation will not take effect until after the new hire has already been made, Roberts’ decision will have no impact on the search.

There’s no rush to fill the slot as early as possible, Goodwin says, since summer preparations are light and the absence of one coach won’t make much of a difference.

“Until practice starts in the fall, it won’t interfere with anything,” he said. “We’ll have someone in place by then, without a doubt.”