Interstate brawl under investigation

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 21, 2005

GREENE COUNTY-A rumble on Interstate 59-20 in Greene County remains under investigation as conflicting stories have authorities still seeking answers. Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac said a fight took place on the Interstate after an accident-blocked traffic Saturday.

A report was filed with the Greene County Sheriff’s Department when authorities were alerted two others who were also stuck in traffic were assaulting a man. Isaac said the alleged victim claimed he was attempting to get around the wreck when two men from Mississippi got out of their vehicles and came after him.

“He stated that two suspects assaulted him in a traffic jam on the Interstate Saturday,” Isaac said. “According to the driver he was in traffic and people were passing on the median and he was attempting to get through him and two or three vehicles stopped, one of them got out and the person assaulted him.”

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Isaac said the man claimed to have been trying to get around the wreck and felt there was no reason for the motorists to be upset with him.

“He said he was trying to get through,” Isaac said. “They got into an argument and it resulted in him being assaulted by two people.”

The victim claims he was assaulted through the window of his vehicle and never got out. However, there were conflicting stories by eyewitnesses. Isaac said the two men accused of assault were brought in and released after questioning.

“They were brought in for questioning and released,” Isaac said. “Their stories were different from stories some witnesses told so we are going to continue to investigate it.”

Isaac said as far as they can tell a crime was committed, but it may have been provoked. No charges have been filed so no arrests could be made in the case as of Monday.

Isaac said they would continue to investigate the case.

“We are just trying to investigate it and get to the bottom of it,” Isaac said.