Espy excited about new job

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 22, 2005

DEMOPOLIS-New Demopolis High School principal Isaac Espy is just as excited about his new position as the school board was to bring him on board. Friday, Demopolis School Superintendent Wesley Hill was beaming with excitement over the new hire. Monday, Espy expressed the same level of anticipation to get started.

While a big move such as this can be tough, Espy said he and his family are looking forward to relocating to Demopolis.

“My family and I are really excited,” Espy said. “We have had the chance to come over there and we found it to be a very friendly atmosphere.”

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The friendliest atmosphere has been found at the Demopolis City School’s Board of Education. Espy said he was extremely impressed with the support the board and the parents give the schools.

“That’s one of the many things that impressed me about the city and the school system,” Espy said. “Even before I interviewed my wife and I came to town and stayed for a little while. It is a beautiful town with a beautiful downtown area and we were very impressed.”

The school itself has also impressed Espy. He said between academics and athletics, Demopolis High seemed to be a tightly run ship.

“The school has a lot of great academic programs,” Espy said. “It obviously has some great athletic programs too. It is just an all around outstanding school.”

Espy was informed Thursday morning that he was the man for the job. He said he would begin work on July 1, but planned to be in and out of town between now and then.

Espy will come to Demopolis from Hubbertville High School in Fayette County where he served as principal from 1998 until the present. Espy said he plans to use the next couple of weeks to make sure his former school is left in good hands.

“I’ve been trying to help get things closed out here and get things ready for the new guy to take over,” Espy said. “I want to leave the next guy in good shape here.”

Meanwhile, in Demopolis, former principal Ronald Roberts plans to do the same. Espy said he would work closely with Roberts to help ease into the position. He said he appreciated Roberts offer to help and would take full advantage of any knowledge he can pass on.

“I will work with Mr. Roberts for a month,” Espy said. He has agreed to stay on and help me out and I appreciate that. It shows how much pride he has in the school.”