Davis’s Art unveiled at Coleman Center

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 12, 2005

YORK-Local artist Nick Davis unveiled his artistic works Friday at the Coleman Center for the arts in York. Davis placed on display many unique projects where many different materials had been put to use.

Davis said he used whatever tools he was inspired to pick up while putting his works together.

“The best way to describe it is drawing, although it is considered mixed media,” Davis said. “I use a wide variety of materials from ink and pencil to paint, resin, collage and some flower petals and other things.”

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Davis, who grew up in Tuscaloosa, said he had recently begun to go back to his early roots when putting a work of art together.

“I would say most of these works deal with some of my earliest influences that brought me in to making art in the first place,” Davis said. “I grew up in Alabama and moved back here in the past year and I have been reexamining a lot of those things that led me into art in the first place.”

Davis said he was inspired as a young many by images he saw all around him.

“A lot of the things I saw early on when I was young like medical and scientific illustrations inside books got me into that,” Davis said. “Also images on prayer cards and things like that and the imagery

of saints and store art was a huge


Davis grew up in Tuscaloosa and went to the University of Alabama for his BFA. He then attended theUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for MFA. Davis decided to

stay in the area and went on to teach

at Viginia Tech. He then lived in Florida where he worked for Universal Studios and also on independent films.

Davis said he tired of the Florida weather and decided to come home last year.

“I got tired of the heat and had to move back where there were some hills, trees and four seasons,” Davis said. “I also wanted to get back into teaching so I moved back here and managed to get a position at the University of West Alabama as a lecturer.”

At UWA Davis teaches Introduction to Art, studio art classes, design and painting.