Leadership Marengo in Search for Members for Its 12th Class

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 18, 2005

DEMOPOLIS-The future leaders of Marengo County lie in the youth of today. For that reason the Steering Committee for “Leadership Marengo” is searching for participants for its 12th class.

The 2005-2006 “Leadership Marengo” will be a five-session program with the first session beginning in September 2005.

Demopolis Area Chamber of Commerce President Jay Shows said since the programs beginnings it has had a very positive impact on the area.

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“The program is in its 12th year and it has been very instrumental in teaching the participants about the Marengo County area,” Shows said. “The program is viable in a lot of ways.”

Shows said the program begins by letting each member get acquainted with one another and then goes into instruction.

“We start with an orientation and then have five sessions,” Shows said. “We try to teach them a little bit about all of the important aspects of the county and area.”

The county-wide program was developed in 1994 to enhance individual leadership abilities and to educate participants about various facets and the current conditions of Marengo County. Participants will attend five day-long sessions scattered over the course of the year that highlight five different areas.

The first subject addressed will be demographics and diversity. For this program “Leadership Marengo” has different people come in and teach facts about Marengo County and how it compares with other counties in the area.

The next subject deals with economic development. During this session participants

learn about the local economy are taught the principles of team building.

The next session ties two interesting topics together in education and arts along with entertainment’ opportunities.

Participants also undergo governmental and legislative training. This session offers a bonus as they are taken on a trip to Montgomery to get a first hand look at the governmental process.

This year a new aspect has also been added in healthcare and recreational training.

Shows said “Leadership Marengo” plans to bring people in from all areas to talk about subjects. When all subjects have been completed a graduation ceremony will be held.

The Steering Committee for Leadership Marengo is composed of Cindy Neilson, Catherine Meador, Chuck Smith, Jim Parr, Gina Johnston, Ann Yelverton, Mitchell Snipes, Rob Pearson, Lindsy Gardner, Kayte Melton, Johnnie Jones and Jay Shows.

If you are interested in attending the next “Leadership Marengo” class please contact the Demopolis Area Chamber of Commerce at 334-289-0270 or any one of the steering committee members. The cost for the program is $200.