Stolen truck recovered in Greene County

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 19, 2005

GREENE COUNTY-A truck stolen out of Atlanta recently resurfaced in the Lewiston Community in Greene County. Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac said the truck was discovered at the intersection of County Roads 181 and 191 last Sunday.

Isaac said a driver on the road discovered the 2004 Ford F-250 after it was abandoned in the area and set on fire. He said the fire did not cause extensive damage to the truck.

“They set it on fire, but they did not burn it,” Isaac said. “It should be in pretty good shape.”

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Unfortunately, no one was around to see the truck abandoned so there are no suspects. However, authorities plan to continue to investigate.

Isaac said they were fortunate a passer by saw the truck when it was set on fire.

“Somebody saw it on the side of the road,” Isaac said. “The truck went out on its own, but they saw it because it was burning.”

The vehicle seemed to be in good shape when recovered by Greene County authorities. Isaac said the truck had been abandoned, but not stripped. All parts seemed to be in place. He added they felt the truck had been discovered very soon after being abandoned.

“It had not been stripped,” Isaac said. “Apparently they had just put it there because it was still warm.”

The trucks owner, Jeffrey Patterson of Atlanta, was contacted after the recovery.