Local Rotary Serves Community

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Although the Demopolis Rotary Club has done great things for the city in the past, it plans to finish the year with an even bigger bang.

According to Mike Grayson, president of Rotary, the club is sponsoring a five-ring circus this year, distributing dictionaries to local third graders, and hosting a remembrance for 9/11 victims.

“I would like for it to be an annual thing,” Grayson said about the remembrance. “But, I won’t commit future presidents to do it.”

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Already this year, the club hosted its annual charity golf tournament, a luncheon for World War II veterans, and many celebrations to commemorate 100 years of Rotary.

Grayson said the club had plans to donate the dictionaries back in September, but held a barbeque lunch for the city workers who cleaned up after Ivan because he felt as though “it was a more pressing issue.”

Grayson and other Rotary members look around the community to see what they could do.

“The purpose of a city club is to make a difference in your part of the world,” he said. “So we see if we could fulfill the need in the area.”

Grayson said Rotary has been successful in its past endeavors and he doesn’t plan to change anything.

“We will pretty much stay the course,” he said. “The Rotary Club motto is ‘Service above self,’ and we just need to serve that creed.”

The Rotary Club meets every Wednesday at noon at the Brian Whitfield Memorial Hostpital.