“Sucarnochee Revue” planned for tonight

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 22, 2005

LIVINGSTON-If you find yourself complaining of nothing to do Friday night your problems are solved. Just a short drive away the “Sucarnochee Revue” will be fully charged.

For those who have never been, the Revue is a rare treat in this area. The purpose of the “Sucarnochee Revue” is to introduce radio listeners in Alabama, Mississippi, and importantly, other parts of the nation and world to the artistic community of performers from the Black Belt area.

Since the 1920’s, this area has been written about, acts have been recorded, and, in some cases, exploited by professionals from other parts of the United States, and Europe. The “Sucarnochee Revue” presents Black Belt Music in its most authentic manner.

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Jack White, the host of the show, said the performance has gained recognition during its previous six shows. White said other stations in the state have been picking up on the show and many more plan to follow.

“As of Aug. 5 the show will be all over public radio in Alabama,” White said. “We are already have a broadcast in Troy and we are hoping to see it grow.”

White said tonight in their seventh showing they plan to offer the same great music and fun they always offer.

“We have a great show planned for this Friday,” White said. “We are really excited and looking forward to another great show.”

The venue for Saturday night contains some big names on a local and national scale.

Wood Newton, who wrote “Riding with Private Malone,” will be in attendance. Britt Gully will also be on hand to perform his mix of country and traditional songs

Also performing will be Chris Sharp and the Jang-a-Lang Band along with crowd favorite Ms. Joyce Shearer. Shearer will perform traditional music and also plans to perform her “Possum Song.”

Jay Burton Wheeler will also be at the festival. Wheeler and White have worked together on a number of projects including a new album in the works.

“We have worked together on an album called “On a Sumter County Front Porch” which has really been embraced by public radio,” White said. “As a matter of fact I just did an interview with a guy from Quincy, Ill. The album will be released in the fall and has really gotten a good response.”

Sometimes the summer weather is not always cooperative for such events. White said the summer crowds could be a little thinner, but the loyal following is always there.

“In the summer we don’t always get a great response because of the heat, but we have our loyal following,” White said. “During the show I like to go out into the crowd and there are people there who have been there for every show.”

The Revue will take place in the Bibb Graves Auditorium on the campus of the University of West Alabama. Show time is slated for 7 p.m.

Future shows are planned for Sept. 2 and Oct. 21.