Summer library program is great

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 22, 2005

Contributed report

Thursday was a true sign that the summer was coming to a close. Yesterday the Demopolis Public Library held their last presentation as part of the Summer Reading Program.

Seeing the event come to an end was likely very sad for both children and the parents. Throughout the summer there has never been a dull moment as the children learned about the joys of making pizza, bugs, animals and several other interesting topics. It would be safe to say the program provided activities that were both fun and educational.

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The end of the program is bittersweet for the children. Soon they will pack up and head back to school again. There is no doubt they will miss their weekly trips to the library tremendously.

The same can be said for the parents. This program provided quality time for many mothers and fathers to spend with their children and other families. No matter the age, when you looked around the library you saw a smile on everyone’s face. There is no doubt that a lot of parents and children are far closer because of the time they spent together at the Demopolis Public Library.

The mission of this program was to get children more interested in reading, literacy and to show them the library can be a fun place filled with adventure. Mission accomplished. These children know where the library is and I am sure they will not be strangers when school is in session.

The Summer Reading Program has given the city of Demopolis many positives over the past few months. We now have happier families, better students and a stronger library program because of these events.

For this, we have the library staff to thank. They had a plan and executed it to perfection. They covered topics such as chemistry and biology and made them more fun that anyone could have ever imagined them to be.

If you participated in any of the summer’s events do not be shy about letting the library staff know just how much you enjoyed them. They truly deserve a pat on the back for their efforts.

Hundreds of children participated in the program this summer and as the reputation grows over the next year more and more excitement will roll into the summer of 2006. Hats off to the library crew. We are all looking forward to next year.