Glass full of positive postal stories

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 25, 2005

Surrounded by co-workers, Debbie Glass of city route one in Demopolis retired on Friday after 17 years of service with the postal service.

Glass started with the postal service in Oct. of 1987 and worked her first 18 months in Linden before working the city route in Demopolis. Glass treasures her experiences with the postal service and her customers.

” I love my customers,” said Glass. She added that her customers have always been very helpful and nice to her through their offers of a cool drink of water in the summer and pleasant hellos as she traveled her route.

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Glass also nixed the stereotype of postal carriers and dogs being archrivals. Glass, a dog lover, told how a dog named Bones on her first postal route in Linden would follow her for her entire route and all the way back to the post office. Bones seemed to be a good walking companion until the dog followed her into the post office one day without her noticing. Glass went through the employees’ only door and out the back to go home. Bones made it in the front door and curled up at the employee’s only door probably expecting Glass to come back through soon. Bones resting in the doorway gave one postal visitor quite a scare. As a result and Bones ended up locked in. While it proved to be a long night for Bones it also proved a dog could be a best friend with their postal carrier.

Glass explained she had hundreds of great stories from her years of service for her to treasure and take with her into retirement. And soon a new postal carrier will be adding to his or her life story with such incidents like a deer head being packaged and sent in the mail but thawing before reaching its destination and causing quite a stink.