Local resident believes in Demopolis city schools

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 26, 2005

DEMOPOLIS-He said it’s his civic duty. He said it’s his God given duty. He said education is the road to success.

Now Alex J. Roberson is one of the biggest contributors to the Demopolis City Schools Foundation, but it didn’t begin that way.

Roberson said he would always receive cards to become a contributor from the Demopolis City Schools Foundation when he resided in Chicago.

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So, he began to send them a small contribution every year.

Roberson, a 1958 graduate of John Essex High School, moved back to Demopolis about two years ago, after living in Chicago for 43 years.

It was then he was reminded of how great the Demopolis School System really is.

“I saw with my own eyes what a good school system it was,” he said. “I always support freely when I can see the benefit.”

Roberson has given about $1000 a year to the foundation since he’s come back to Demopolis.

“I know what a difference education made in my life,” he said. “And my motto is that no child should be left behind.”

Roberson is especially proud to donate to the Foundation since he currently has 8 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild getting their educations in Demopolis.

Roberson, a member of the City Task Force and Christian Chapel Baptist Church, where Fred D. Moore is the pastor, said he is supportive of any charitable event.

He is also involved in a scholarship program that is based in Chicago. The program

has four chapters, one of which is chartered in and caters to Marengo County.

Roberson is now retired and enjoys motorcycling, “relaxing, chilling, and trying to decide what I want to do.” He recently decided to open a flea market in Demopolis.

But, until his market is up and running, Roberson will continue to spend time catering to his community.

“You never know,” he said. “The kid you help today may be a doctor that will save you in the future.”