Sumter Commission adopts Windy Hill Road

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 26, 2005

LIVINGSTON-After 12 years of maintenance the Sumter County Commission made things official Monday by adopting Windy Hill Road. The road has been public for some time and the county has maintained it so it seemed fitting that the county officially adopt the road.

Sumter County Commission Chairman Isaac Bonner first said how much he appreciated the work of County Engineer Anthony Creer and the county workers in their maintenance of the road.

“I want to thank Mr. Creer for the work they did up on Windy Hill Road,” Bonner said. “They did a good job for us and we certainly appreciate that.”

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Bonner said he would like to see the county officially adopt the road and make it part f the Sumter County Road system. He said they had worked on the road for over a decade and it was time to officially take the road under their supervision.

“We have been patching holed out there for 12 years I know,” Bonner said. “I would like to see us adopt that road.”

One of the major reasons Bonner said he would like to see the road, as a county road was the number of people living on the road. Bonner said 40 families lived on the road, which spans less than a mile. That is roughly 10 families every quarter of a mile.

Bonner said the road is subject to heavy traffic by service vehicles and normal travel making it a public road.

“We have about 40 people who go through there and live on that road,” Bonner said. “Plus, it is a public road. The garbage trucks and school buses and a lot of other people use that road. I would just like to see us adopt that as a county road.”

The commission voted unanimously to adopt the road and add it to their system.