York Council signs on to apply for grant

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 28, 2005

YORK-The York Council called a special meeting Wednesday for a special reason. The city recently found out they would be eligible for a $250,000 ADECA grant and needed to have council members sign off for an application as soon as possible.

York Mayor Carolyn Mitchell Gosa said she would like to get a head start on the application process to make sure the city at least has a shot at securing the funds.

“What we have here is a resolution from ADECA and we have to get it in,” Gosa said. “We are applying for $250,000 as a grant through ADECA and the deadline is Aug. 1.”

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Gosa said the city would still be pressed for time, however, they would still be able to throw their hat in the ring.

“If we get this resolution passed by this council I will have to fax it, overnight it and they will have to drive it to Montgomery to have it there on time,” Gosa said. “This why we have to have this special meeting.”

She said the city tries to explore every opportunity to gain funds and this was no exception.

“Everytime money is available we try to apply for it,” Gosa said. “We wanted to make sure we applied for this.”

A 10 percent match will be required if the grant is secured. However, all council members agreed that $250,000 for $25,000 was a good trade.

If the money is awarded it will be added to the grant recently handed down by U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby to help with improvements throughout the city.