State Aids Marengo County schools

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 2, 2005

THOMASTON-State Representative Ralph A. Howard of District 72, and Marengo County Commissioner, Calvin Martin, made an appearance at Amelia L. Johnson School Monday, August 1.

The occasion was to present two area principals with funds to heighten the educational experience.

A.L. Johnson principal, Lepolean Peterson, said the money will be used to purchase computer tables for the school.

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“It will also aid us in the $20,000 we need for new playground equipment,” he said.

The school’s playground is outdated and will cost the school over $20,000 to make the much-needed renovations.

James Green, principal of Marengo County High School, said his school needed the funds to pay for the Voyager program, an educational resource that is part of the Alabama Reading Initiative.

“The complete cost for second and third grade is $14,000,” Green said.

Green also said schools such as Marengo County High and A. L. Johnson are expected to be on the same level as schools like Demopolis High and Linden High, but do not have the same funds and resources.

Thus, both schools are accepting donations from the community to bring better technology and resources to their schools.