York looks at grant money

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 2, 2005

YORK-The City of York put the wheels in motion to get funding for their water project by approving a resolution to apply for grants. The grant is a part of the city’s USDA bond issue as the next big step in getting funding in place.

York City Attorney Nat Watkins said the resolution was just another step in securing the grant.

“This is just a temporary resolution,” Watkins said. “There will be another resolution prior to the closing of the bond issue. The bind council calls it a temporary resolution because it is just the next step in moving toward the bond issue for funding.”

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York Mayor Carolyn Mitchell Gosa said they were working as fast as they could to get everything together and make sure it is done correctly.

Gosa said they have to be very careful in the application process to be sure they hit all deadlines and get things is the proper order.

“We have to jump a lot of hurdles to get things ready,” Gosa said, “They tell us what we need to do and we do it by the USDA guidelines.”

The next step will be putting plans together and finding the people to execute them. Watkins said when they are given the go ahead they will bid the project out and find a capable group for a reasonable price to get things going.

“The next step is going to be to let it out to bid,” Watkins said. “We’ll let it out to bid for construction purposes and at the end we will have a closeout where the temporary construction will be paid out through the bond issue and the grant. Then the bond issue will be funded and we will go from there.”

As for now, Gosa said things are moving along very well. She said things seem to be going as they should it was just a matter of keeping their work timely and accurate.

“We are moving along pretty good,” Gosa said. “We are moving at USDA’s speed. Everything that they want us to do has to be done in a certain fashion. The attorney has certain things to do and city hall has their things too. Everybody is working together.”