Local woman gives years of service to the community

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Born on Christmas Day in 1942, Reola Tripp clearly has no bad bones in her body. A resident of Woodhaven Manor Nursing Home, 62-year-old Tripp is kind-hearted and positive about all aspects of life.

Though her memory has faded over the years, Tripp still remembers the things that have meant the most to her.

She has spent her entire life in the area. As a young child she lived in Thomaston, and at the age of ten she moved with her family to Demopolis. She has been here ever since.

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Tripp entered the work force just out of high school, working as a domestic worker most of her life. One distinct aspect of her life are the years she worked with children.

As she spoke about those years, Tripp had a gleam of happiness in her eyes. She occasionally sees the children whose lives she was once a part of–though they’re much older now. “They call me Nanny Reola,” Tripp said with a smile and a laugh, “Nanny Re’.”

Tripp also has two children of her own, Annie and Monica, whom she is very proud to have raised. Her daughters currently live and work in Demopolis. Tripp also has four grandchildren.

Of all the experiences she has had, one of the her fondest memories is of her working years.

“When I was working, people were always real nice,” she said, “And the children were always good to me.”

Though her own her life hasn’t been easy, she has touched the lives of many people she has come in contact with. She hopes to always be remembered as a good person.