Incoming UWA Freshman competes for Miss Teen USA

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 9, 2005

BATON ROUGE-Incoming University of West Alabama Freshman Kristen Bell of Aliceville, who is the reigning Miss Alabama Teen USA, competed for the title of Miss Teen USA in Baton Rouge Monday Monday night. The program was

broadcast live on NBC. Kristen plans to attend UWA in the fall and be a part of the cheerleading squad.

Looking at Bell’s background it is easy to see how she was chosen to represent the state. Throughout her high school career Bell was a fixture on the A Honor Roll. She was also a member of Who’s Who among America’s High School students and was awarded a cheerleading scholarship to UWA.

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Bell was a UCA and UDA All Star and served as her school’s 2004-2005 Homecoming Queen. She also served as captain of the dance team and co-head of the cheerleading squad. In her senior year Bell was also selected as “Most Talented” and “Most Beautiful.”

Bell had just as many accomplishments outside the classroom. She was the local winner of the Colgate Country Showdown and was selected to represent Pickens County in the Miss Alabama Agriculture Pageant. Bell also recorded original songs in Nashville.

In an interview by the Miss Teen USA pageant Bell said she has always received encouragement from many people. However, she said her father, Randy Bell, has been the driving force behind her many endeavors.

“Even though there have been numerous people throughout the years, my father has had the most influence on my life,” Bell said. “He has always encouraged, supported and cheered me on in whatever I have chosen to do.”

In her young life Bell has already worn many hats. She has been everything from lifeguard to babysitter to entertainer. Bell has many talents, but she listed singing, dancing and drawing as her favorites.

Bell said she has big plans for the future. She said five years from now she sees herself as a college graduate preparing for a music career.

When asked by the contest what she wanted the judges to know about her Bell said she wanted them to see that she could be serious and fun.

“I want the judges to know that I have a great sense of humor and the ability to make people laugh,” Bell said. “Also, I am true to the values that I feel are important; and I take my friendships very seriously.”