New trails in Greensboro

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 11, 2005

GREENSBORO-The city of Greensboro will soon have a place to relax and exercise if all goes as planned.

An archeological survey was completed in the UNA Martin Leisure Park that showed evidence of no artifacts or “items of historical significance” in the park. Thus, the ball will soon be rolling to bring a walking trail and sitting area to the park.

“We are going to go ahead with it,” Mayor Washington said. “There will be a walking trail and sitting area. It’s going to be a community park.”

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Also at Tuesday’s meeting, a total of $27,085.62 of bills was approved for payment. The bills included AT&T, Alagasco, pest control, and Hale County organizations and community legislatures.

Work on the Ward Street Storm drain will soon begin. The area, known to collect standing water and lead to possible illness, will be reconstructed as soon as there is a break in the weather.

A list of emergency equipment provided by the contractor gave a total of $2,048.05 for items that were approved by the council to be purchased if needed.

E 911 sent a letter to commissioners to ask for placement in the budget. It will cost the city $3.500 a month for the services.

A possible refund to the Hale County Commission office was put on the back burner until further notice.

Also, council members received a 47-page booklet concerning the new rules for open meetings that will take the place of the Sunshine Laws on October 1.

City Clerk, Lorrie Cook, said the rules were “real important and real different.”

As Greensboro heads back to school, some students will receive back-to-school supplies courtesy of the Greensboro city council and last meeting’s agreement to allot $2,000 to the educational budget.

Councilwoman Valada Paige Banks hopes that Greensboro schools start the year off right.

The Council’s next meeting is Tuesday, August 23.