City asks for cooperation on trash issues

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 16, 2005

DEMOPOLIS-On many occasions’ citizens of Demopolis have been very enthusiastic about the effort to clean up their city and personal property by gathering materials and trash that may have been causing clutter. However, in some cases when these items are placed on the side of the road for pickup the proper avenues are not followed.

Demopolis City Street and Sanitation Supervisor Mike Baker said he would like to work with the public to make them aware of what items may be placed at the side of the road for pickup and when and how they should be arranged.

Baker said the biggest help the public could provide would be to separate their trash to make it easier to dispose of.

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“People need to separate items that they have,” Baker said. They need to separate wood from limbs and any kind of metal they may have.”

Baker said carpet, appliances and anything else Arrow picks up also needs to be put out the day of or day before the second pick up of the week. This is the only day Arrow will pick up the items. Baker said if items are placed on the correct day it will prevent them from sitting out all weekend, getting wet and becoming an eyesore.

Many of the items disposed of are not taken to the same destination. Baker said when they are all piled together it takes time to separate them and makes the entire process move slower than necessary.

“Things like wood and limbs need to be separated,” Baker said. “They need to separate wood and metal and the things that go to different places because we have to untangle everything and it can make a mess. If they can separate those it will really help out.”

Baker also asked if people cut trees down to give the department proper notification. Baker said when trees are placed on the side of the road they should call the department at 289-3879 as quickly as possible to have these items properly disposed of.

There have also been questions about who is responsible for waste from work contractors may perform on a residence. Baker said in this situation it is the responsibility of the contractor to remove any lumber, sheet rock or other items used.

Baker said most importantly, the department just wanted to work together with the people they serve to make things run more smoothly.

“We’re just trying to encourage and educate people about some of the things we would like the public to work with us on,” Baker said. “It makes us more efficient in getting the trash up. It also makes the neighborhoods look better.”