York Council recognizes hard work of city employees

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 16, 2005

YORK-The York city council held a short meeting last night to discuss the business of the city.

The first order of business for the council was to pass a resolution renewing the Voting Rights Act of 1965. York Mayor Carolyn Mitchell Gosa said the resolution was to remember the anniversary of the act.

“This resolution is to commemorate the 40 anniversary of the Voting Rights Act,” Gosa said. “That is why we are looking at this.”

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The council also took the time to recognize some of the hard work of city employees and the positive results they have netted. In recent weeks the city has done a great deal of edging around town and citizens have taken notice. Gosa read a note from a local family expressing their gratitude for the city’s effort to give the town a cleaner appearance. Gosa said the praise was well deserved and their hard work should certainly be recognized.

“Sometimes we don’t pat our employees on the back,” Gosa said. “They were kind enough to send us a quick note thanking them for the work they had done around town.”

Gosa added the edging work was not done. She said they also planned to do some work on the larger highways that run through the city.

“We are going to edge from the beginning of Highway 11 all the way down,” Gosa said. “Then we are going to go from Highway 17 all the way down through town.”

To keep the city beautiful Gosa asked that people remember the proper dates for disposal of heavy waste. Gosa and the council asked citizens to be reminded heavy pickup of garbage items would be on Wednesday of each week.

There was sad news in the meeting as well. Gosa announced that Charles Munoz and Joan Oswalt had announced their resignation from the Coleman Center Board. Replacements have yet to be named.

The council will hold their next meeting Monday Sept. 5 at 5:30 p.m.