Loud music doesn’t harmonize with LPD

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 19, 2005

LINDEN- Residents of Linden won’t have to worry about loud and unwanted sounds in the neighborhood if Linden Police Department’s crack down goes as planned.

According to Chief Jeff Laduron, the department has received many complaints about loud music at the gas pumps, in neighborhoods, and the city council has passed on the many complaints it has received.

“We get many complaints,” Laduron said. “Nobody wants to hear that ‘boom boom’ at the service station and most of the time the people playing the music aren’t even in the car.”

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Laduron said the city had an ordinance to combat loud music for a few years, but it is just starting to be enforced.

If caught defying a noise ordinance, the violator will receive a ticket that will total about $150 including court fees.

Laduron believes with the “too expensive” costs for noise violations, the disruptive moments “will decrease in time, but it may take several more weeks.”

He forewarned area residents that Linden police would be out in “full force” on weekends, especially Labor Day weekend, looking for drunk drivers and any other violations.