Online tutoring system demonstrated to council

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 19, 2005

DEMOPOLIS-By now, many people in Alabama have heard about the website However, few have actually seen the site in action. At Thursday’s meeting of the Demopolis City Council Librarian Lindsy Gardner demonstrated how helpful the site could be.

Gardner said there were many great attributes to the site. She said students in grades four through six could get help in a variety of subjects if there is something they do not understand.

One of the biggest assets of the program is the ability to help correct papers and homework.

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“Let’s say I have written a term paper,” Garner said. “I can attach it and send it to the tutor and they will mark it up and send it back.”

Gardner made it clear this program was not an easy way for students to just get the answers and avoid the problem solving process.

“Will they give you the answers? No,” Gardner said. “They talk you through how to find the solution. They do not give students the answers.”

Gardner said word about the program has gotten around town and she hoped more would put the site to use.

“Our teachers have been spreading the word so I hope our students will be using this,” Gardner said. “I hope they will also use it at the school for parent teacher conferences and ask students to get on twice a week and see if their grades improve.”

Gardner said there are also safety precautions taken regarding personal information the website.

“If the child says you are the greatest tutor in the world and I want you to come over to my house they would immediately cut contact,” Gardner said. “Any time a child starts to give out personal information or says something inappropriate they immediately close out the session.”

Gardner said if tutors get three poor ratings in a row they are also investigated and no longer associated with the site.

The site needs support to thrive Gardner said she hoped people would put the site to use so they could continue to justify its funding.

The site is available from 3 p.m. until midnight. It is free of charge and can be used without a library card.