Fund-raiser for a family in need

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 26, 2005

DEMOPOLIS – Gallion Baptist Church is holding a fund-raiser to help one local family pay the medical expenses they incurred after their son was severely injured in a car accident.

Cody Webb, 8, his mother, Jami, and siblings, Victoria and Gavin, were involved in a devastating car accident on July 12 that left Webb hanging on for his life.

Webb has undergone four surgeries and an extensive hospitalization. When doctors removed his breathing machine they found that his windpipe was severed, his lungs had collapsed and his C2 and C3 spinal ligaments were torn.

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Doctors truly believe Webb’s survival is a miracle.

Webb has had a spinal fusion. He now wears a halo and has a stint in his windpipe. He also has a tracheotomy.

While he has returned home to his family, there are more surgeries in his future.

Webb’s family believes prayer was a major factor in his survival. His mother said a prayer chain began at the scene of the accident that has continued ever since.

Gallion Baptist Church is part of that prayer chain. They show their generosity and kindness to the Webbs by sponsoring a community fund-raiser to help them with their accumulated medical expenses.

The church is selling Boston Butts for $25 donations. Tickets for the Boston Butts can be obtained at the Colonnade in Demopolis or by calling Gallion Baptist Church at (334) 289-3483. The Boston Butts will be available for pickup between 9:30-11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 3.

Companies or businesses that would like to donate to this cause are also encouraged to contact the church as soon as possible.

Freddie, Jami, Victoria, Cody and Gavin Webb want to extend their gratitude for all the prayers, phone calls, gifts, support and donations they have received. Mrs. Webb said the community support demonstrates the blessing behind living in a small town. She also asks for continued prayers for Cody.