Fire victims need help

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 29, 2005

SAWYERVILLE- A Sawyerville family is in dire need of household items and clothing after a fire destroyed their home and its contents on Sunday, August 21.

The home was uninsured and nothing could be salvaged.

“We don’t know how the fire started,” Michelle Conner, homeowner, said. “We couldn’t save anything.”

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Michelle Conner and her four children, ages 7-15, are currently residing in an apartment with her mother.

“They’re doing fine,” Kelley Sanders of the Hale County Housing Resource Center said. “Everything’s going on normal as usual as far as I know.”

Sanders said she heard about the family from Seaburn Whatley at Magnolia Restaurant where Conner works full time.

“She works in the kitchen there and the owners asked us for our help,” Sanders said.

Sanders said she referred Conner to the Red Cross and had her file paperwork appropriate for fire victims.

Conner is a single mother and provides financial support for her family.

She is currently in search of a used mobile home, furniture, bedding, towels, appliances, kitchen supplies and clothing.

“We’ve been getting stuff from the Red Cross mostly and people are giving me stuff,” Conner said. “I have stuff for the kids, now I need clothes for myself.”

The sizes for the family are as follows:

Women’s size 24 pants/ 3X shirts (Michelle)

Women’s size 14-16 (15 year old)

Juniors size 14-16 (10 year old)

Men’s XXL Shirt/ 46 waist pants (13 year old)

Boy’s small shirt/ 10 pants (7 year old)

Donations can be delivered to Magnolia Restaurant or the Hale County Housing Resource Center at 1120 Main Street in Greensboro. An account at The Citizens Bank, 1300 State Street in Greensboro, has also been established under “Michelle Conner relief fund.”

Contact Kelley Sanders at (334) 624-0842 for more information about the family’s situation or to coordinate fundraising.