Patience is key to coping with crisis

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 2, 2005

Looking around Demopolis a person can see just how fortunate we really are. By now, a great deal of the debris has been picked up, the lights are back on and for the most part, people are getting back to their normal routine.

We have a lot of hard working people to thank. The Department of public works has gone well above the call of duty to help people remove debris from the streets and their yards. Each day they are greeted with a new pile, often in the same areas as the day before, but they have continued to plug along and their hard work has paid dividends. Also, Alabama Power workers have spent more time in the air than on the ground in Marengo County lately restoring lines. Many areas were able to maintain power throughout the storm and those who did lose electricity had it restored in a timely manner.

Of course, there were some who were not as fortunate in our area. Several people are still without power and other comforts they are accustomed to having. For those who are still suffering from the wrath of Katrina, is patient. They will get to you. Just because you do not have power yet does not mean they have forgotten about you. Help is on the way and believe me; they will work fast to get all of you back to your previous comfort levels.

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Those whose lives are back to normal should not be shy about passing a little of the comfort down the line. If you know someone who is without power offer that person a hot meal or a warm shower. You never realize how much these things mean to a person until you have done without them. Everyone needs a lift at some time or another and for many in the Black Belt that time is now. Several organizations are offering some form of relief or have a plan in place to gather supplies. These groups need donations and volunteers. There are several ways to make a positive difference and I encourage everyone to look them up.

One of the biggest ways people can help pull everyone through this tough time is not to overreact. There were several reports of people filling 500-gallon tanks at gas stations yesterday to stock up. The result was long lines that remained at area filling stations until the late hours and a panic among area citizens. They will get more gas! While the prices may not be what we would prefer they would get more gas and buying hundreds of gallons at a time will only leave several others without.

Things are shaping up, so bear with your local workers, help one another and don’t get greedy.