Workers commended by Demopolis Council

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 6, 2005

DEMOPOLIS-At Thursday’s meeting of the Demopolis City Council there was plenty to talk about in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Most of the discussions were geared toward praise for city workers and volunteers for their efforts in the aftermath of the storm.

Demopolis praised Public Works Superintendent Mike Baker and Jason Seay, the city’s new Horticulturist, for their hard work following the storm.

“I would like to thank Mike Baker and our horticulturist Jason Seay for their efforts in the cleanup,” Williamson said. “They have done a great job and we appreciate their communication with us and getting to that as quickly as they could.”

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Councilmember Jack Cooley also praised city workers.

“The Department pf public works I think has done an outstanding job,” Cooley said. “Since they started about 85 percent of the cleanups are complete.”

In many areas there has been a sense of panic. However, in Demopolis, local officials have been successful in keeping the situation under control. Williams praised the local fire and police departments for keeping a level head.

“We appreciate the Fire Department for doing what they are doing and the Police Department for what they are doing as well,” Williamson said. “They are keeping order in the city.”

Since the storm hit Demopolis has become a safe place for many who fled the areas that were hit hardest. Williamson said there has been an influx of people every day causing hotels to fill to capacity.

“Every hotel is full,” Williamson said. “There are two rooms left in this town so we have a lot of people here who are stranded.”

This situation does not appear as if it will change any time soon. Williamson said many have nothing to go home to and because of their tough situation, it is important to make them feel welcome while they are here.

“They are going to be here for a while,” Williamson said. “There is no home to go back to and no job for many. Please see what you can do to help them.”

Williamson said The Bargain Box has opened up to see what they can do to help and shelters have been established around town. Shelters have been established at First Baptist Church and Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital has been taking evacuees three hot meals a day. Fairhaven Baptist Church has also offered to help when other shelters become full.

Williamson said those with rental property of extra space in their homes could also be of help.

“If you know anyone who has housing that they want to rent or someone who wants to take a family in please contact me or contact someone in the ministerial association,” Williamson said. “We are also encouraging people if they want to donate money to donate it to their church and tag it for the Ministerial Association so it can be used for this purpose.”

What money is not used will be given to the Red Cross fund.