Argument leads to shots

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 7, 2005

GREENE COUNTY-A heated debate apparently led to shots being fired Sunday as Greene County authorities were called on a reckless endangerment complaint. Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac said the disagreement began as a verbal argument, but became dangerous when one of the parties decided to stop talking and start firing bullets.

“The call was for the discharging of a firearm,” Isaac said. “The caller states that he got into an argument and the suspect pulled a gun and fired at him several times hitting his vehicle.”

Isaac said the initial shots were aimed at the second party in the argument and followed him into his vehicle.

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“He said he shot at him a time or two and so he ran and got into the vehicle,” Isaac said. “He fired about three more shots at the vehicle before he left.”

Fortunately, the only damage from the shots was done to the car. Isaac said no charges had been filed as of Tuesday morning.

The Sheriff’s Department responded to another dangerous situation last Tuesday when another man was struck by an automobile after another argument. Isaac said this incident also began with a smaller altercation.

“The victim claimed that after they got into a physical altercation the suspect tried to hit him with his car,” Isaac said. “He did hit him with the car and a complaint was filed.”

Isaac said the two men engaged in a fight and were separated. He said one party in the fight felt he had not made his point clear and resorted to other means.

“They got into a fight and a third party broke them up,” Isaac said. “Then as they were standing in the yard he tried to run over one of them and hit the other one.”

The suspect returned to the scene shortly after the incident and began bashing the taillights of the other man’s car with an item in a towel.

The complaint was filed for criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. However, no warrants have been signed.

Isaac also reported a robbery at Junk’s Place in the Tishabee Community. Isaac said the owner reported shortly after midnight his establishment was burglarized for hundreds of dollars worth of liquor. The owner reported six pints of Hennessey, valued at $53, 18 pints of another brand of liquor, including $65 worth of Crowne Royal, stolen. Damages to the building, estimated at $100, was also reported. There is no suspect in the case.